Medill Work

Public Transit as a Tourist Attraction: Hong Kong

Written as my final paper for HIST 3076 (History of Tourism), a history class I took on exchange at the University of Hong Kong in fall 2018, this paper also ended up counting as my 395 research paper for my history double major at Northwestern. This is my favourite academic paper, so I put it on my website.

Medill on the Hill

As a Politics Reporter at Medill News Service, I covered Congress, the White House, and anything political happening in Washington, D.C. My work has also been published in USA TODAY, The Bend Bulletin, The Frederick News-Post and three times with UPI

320-0 Storytelling: Interactive News 

Final — How BrewBike Became an Empire

Portfolio — Bootstrap

Climate change — animation

Gamification — quiz and choose your own path

Midterm — HTML, CSS, JQuery, infographics, TimelineJS

390-0 Special Topics: Native American Environmental Issues and the Media

Why are there almost no Native American restaurants in the United States?

201-2 Multimedia Storytelling

Less Common Cuisine — A look at Evanston’s only Venezuelan restaurant